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Friday, 23 November 2012

First Mac Purchase!


Recently I found that I was running out of my Benefit Coralista Benefit Cosmetics photo 11. After reading so many rave reviews about Mac products I decided to take the leap. I've used Benefit makeup for years ! It was the first high brand makeup that I was interested in. Mainly as many of my friends were using it, I loved the packaging and I found it to be the least daunting experience to approach. Many of the other counters are quite intimidating when your younger. I love all their products and I still use many every day. But it's always good to have a change!

Off I went to my nearest Mac store. We're quite lucky in Dubai as they seem to be every where here. I knew that I wanted a pink colour as I was using a M&S coral blusher and needed a pink tone. ( I quite like the M&S make up range as it lasts, has a nice colour pay off and is very reasonable . I don't like wearing my more expensive make up to work.) I picked up Stay Pretty and oh my goodness! Pro Longwear Blush You really don't need much of this bad boy on your cheeks. At first I gave my blusher brush a swirl in this and swiped it on and soon was looking like a reject from Dynasty. You needed the smallest amount as the colour is so vibrant. For me this is a real plus as it means I use less and the colour stays all day. Even with the high heat and then the blowing cold AC. So far I have been quite impressed. I have used a Mac mascara once before but found that it was too wet. Oh er. I found it didn't dry and the mascara would be all over my eyelids and elsewhere.

I shall carry on with trying out different MAC products but I am trying to spend more money on my wardrobe as there is  a definate lack of new clothes going on!!

What else have people tried at MAC?

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