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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bioderma Purchase

Whilst wondering around one of the malls out here with a friend who was searching for some cream for post tattoo soreness I spotted a sign sporting Bioderma. I have seen a few reviews raving about how amazing the products are.So I picked up this make-up remover. 
So far....not sure. It was 68dhs for a 500ml bottle as it was half price. It has one of those push down applicator things on the top (hightech chat there!)

It does take make-up off well. I like using babywipes and then wash my face after to make sure everything has gone. Ive been using Liz Earle cleanse and polish since Christmas (which Im also undecided on). But I did want something for my mascara as panda look really doesnt suit me. So last night I tried it to take off my mascara, got up and didnt look like a panda but post shower....OMG Panda had reappeared. Im not sure if its because I hadnt taken it off properly but I think this will take time for me to judge, especially for the money. Was a big bottle mind and I know its quite expensive to try and get in the uk. I will jog on with this new product. I do like trying new bottles and especially after suggestions as its nice to try things that you might not have automatically tried.

Im also a MASSIVE fan of facial scrubs. I use one everyday and I find when I dont use it I really notice how my skin feels .......unclean! I liked St Ives and think I have repurchased this a few times, but recently I ran out and my local supermarket didnt have any so Im trying . So far Im not enjoying this as much. Its really running so when you squeeze the tube loads come out and also I dont find the beads are big enough to do the job so I think I might go back to the St Ives if I cant find another product to try. I find that the only problem with using scrubs so much is that they make my pores feel bigger and more visible.

Onwards with the hunt for perfect skin

Friday, 17 February 2012

Eyebrow disaster :(

Like most women I like my eyebrows to be neat and more importantly MATCHING! I've been getting my eyebrows shaped for years and more importantly tinted. As a red head my eyebrows are naturally extremely fair and without make up my face looks empty! So tinting is usually great every time I go to the salon here and after a few bad experiences where my eyebrows haven't come out matching I decided to only get them shaped every other month, even longer as I found it so annoying and quite honestly horrifying to go through the experience of a bad beauty therapist destroying them. So yesterday I went off to the salon where I have been going for nearly two years, tinting was great and then the dreaded shape. In the USE threading is extremely popular. Basically they use some strange technique with cotton to tidy your brows. At the time they looked ok but after closer inspection she has completely butchered them! I like my brows slightly fuller , one looks like that and the other is a skinny mini. Oh the despair. Its such a horrible feelin as there isnt much I can do to hide this awfulness. Eyebrow pencil is something I always do but I am struggling to make them match again. I have only found one place where I have always left with matching brows and that it the Benefit beauty bar in my local town in England. Benefit has a beauty range as most of you know but also has many salons where they will now wax and tint eyebrows. Whenever I went thee they always looked great and I think its down to the fact that I am sitting up when they do it and they check between each wax strip that they still match. After this recent horror on my face I  have decided to give up on getting them down professionally here for a while and just wait till I go back to England to get them shaped every few months. I know the hair of course will grow back but its not a quick process, especially to get them to the right shape, again!! Why didn't I learn the last time :(

Someone once told me that you should treat your eyebrows as sisters and not twins, well mine don't even look related right now. Im sure most wouldn't massively notice but I do!!!

oh well. On with the pencil!

Have you had any salon disasters?

These are good eyebrows!

Soap and Glory goodies

In December I had treated myself to Snow fairy from Lush but sadly snow fairy has ran out! So I wanted to treat myself to some other lovely goodies so when I went into Boots and saw they had 3 for 2 on their Soap and Glory range I was so excited. Soap and glory isn't the cheapest but they have so much in them that it is well worth it. I treated myself to 3 lovely things and was dead pleased when obviously one of them was free!

As yet I haven't tried them but I am pretty excited for my shower this morning. Like I said they are big bottles too so defo worth the money. Another thing I am trying to do is use up things that I already have. I've seen this on a few blogs and I actually find it quite reassuring and exciting when I have used something up as it means I can go try something else! I've got really good at not buying things I don't need now as I just can't afford it really so its always a positive thing in my house when things are used up. As yet there's nothing overly exciting that I have finished so I'm waiting a bit longer.

Ma Salama

Friday, 10 February 2012

Bobbi Brown Purchase

Today I built up enough confidence to go into Bobbi Brown ( I always find it a little daunting going into expensive shops, eventhough I am 27!).

I had seen lots of reviews of concealers from them so in I strolled and asked to have a look at their concealers when the assistant said I don't need it. Tsk look at my puffy eyes! She then informed me that I should try an eye brightener instead, and tomo I might have a look at some moisturisers for said puffing eyes, I find its usually from over tiredness. So instead I purchased the Tinted Eye Brightener in light bisque. It was pretty pricey so I will see what I think and whether its worth the pennies.

Tinted Eye BrightenerI shall have to try it out for a while as I'm not sure how great this can be for the money to be honest and its quite small too . I had something similar from benefit and it did last me a long time.

Have to say the shop was lovely and the bag is gorge!!!! All those little things matter to me esp when you spending so much, It cost more then it would have in the UK or USA which is a bugger. I was looking for make-up brushes too but they cost so much here for various reasons and think it might be better to purchase them while home in the UK to get more brush for my money. That is a downer of living in the UAE when things are more money then they deserve to be.

What have you recently bought?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A new pet

On Saturday evening I get a rather random message from a friend informing me that they have something for me but not sure if I want it and look after it. Straight away my brain thinks, 'it's alive!'. Bugger me what the hell is it.
Long story short its a small white mouse which was unwanted and was heading for a gloomy ending. The mouse was brought to me in a pink gift bag with a crisp and a dairylea triangle for it to eat. Lessons on animal care are far and few between in the UAE.

Anyway, I have now adopted, and slightly fallen in love with , a small white mouse. First panic was 'it needs a home!' as it couldnt stay in a paper bag for much longer as it had already chewed its way out. So a plastic bucket made a make-shift home for the night with food , water and some bedding I rustled up. Now he is more than adequately housed in a house with a wheel and plenty of space for a small rodent. In England I had a gorgeous hamster named Graham who I absolutely adored but left him  with my Mum when I relocated as he was quite old, please don't think I abandoned him! He lasted about 2 and a half months after I left but was spoilt up to the day he died.

It feels nice to have a pet again as I was really missing having another living thing in the flat. Mouse still needs a proper name, I'm tempted to keep it at mouse but quite fancy Morris as a name.

I now have the issue though of finding someone who is willing to look after mouse while I travel and someone who won't feed it crisps!!

As I'm writing this he's just filled his tiny mouse tummy with yummy food and gone back to his snug bed, what a life eh!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 2012 Wish list

I know that everyone has a secret wish list of things that they would like to have and buy, some more decadent then others and I decided that I would like to write my own. I'm quite fortunate as I do a little bit of extra work alongside my main job and I use this money to buy myself some nice things every month. Like so many of us my wages straight go to pay any bills, grocery shop and then weekly life so if any money is spare I send to my savings account...very boring and grown up I know. So this money is my treat money.

So far I've treated myself to the most gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs purse! Literally in love with this bad boy.

I LOVE IT! It did cost a pretty penny but hoping that it will obviously last for quite some time. I made the mistake though of putting it in a bag with a biro :( bad times all round that day! But it has eventually worn off.

The other item that I have bought was a lush pair of wedges from Dune..( not great pic I'm afraid and I can't find them on the website but wanted to share the beautifulness.

Have to say I am trying to get my moneys worth out of these! For the past 18 months I've had to be really tight with my money due to having a year where I wasn't that careful and ended up with lots of bills to pay :(

Anyway, moving on to happier times.
I've also tried to make the most of the opportunity that I have living in the middle east and travelling as much as possible. I've been to Sri Lanka, Bangkok and in November I went to Nepal for 5 days. I'm hoping to go away again in my next holidays but who knows.

So my wish list
1. A new watch, Im currently sporting a storm watch with broken glass (not a good look I know) So I have my eye on a Michael Kors watch :) website I know that these watches are very popular among bloggers and  
Youtubers alike.
Michael Kors Michael Kors Oversized Madison Chronograph Glitz Watch, White HornI'm really liking this one at the moment, I know its not to everyones taste but hey its nice to be different. Michael Kors Michael Kors Mid-Size Showstopper Chronograph Watch, Alabaster AcetateThis one is equally pretty ( there is a theme to my choices)

2. Benefit primer A slightly cheaper item on my wish list ( well thats why some are just a wish). I've seen lots of raves about this product from lots of bloggers.

3. Sigma brushes. No explanation needed for that

4. need a new mascara, so far ive repurchased Make-up forever smoky lash mascara, which now comes in 5different colours!!Smoky Lash

5. foundation. So far ive been using a tinted moisturiser from Benefit for the past 2 years due to the weather and the fact that nothing lasts great in 40degree heat! but I feel that sometimes I need a bit more coverage. This goes hand in hand with number 6 which is a new concealer.

7. a new notebook. I have a lovely pink spotty notebook for school but need a new one for the rest of my life! I love paperchase as they have such lovely stationary. daisy rose A6 notebook This one is quite cute and only £3!

Think thats it so far for my wish list, I'm sure it will get longer tho!

What's on your wishlist?