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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Oh no broken hair dryer!

So just before moving to Dubai I invested in a professional hair dryer which I got from a professional salon and beauty outlet in Essex as I had been getting fed up with cheaper hair dryers that just weren't cutting the mustard. So I bought this brilliant hair dryer that was bright pink and had lasted me quite well untill dum dum dum ... I dropped it on the floor for the 100th time and that was it , boom no more . I keep knocking it off my chest of drawers and catching the wires, you would have thought I'd learnt my lesson but no. Doh.

So I had to quickly go out and find a decent hair dryer as quick as poss. In Dubai the boots store which would have been my first port of call in England is crap to be honest. They have limited stock and its mainly Boots brand products so off I trotted to the supermarket where I was bombarded with sales women asking me if I need help. 'Yes, I need the most powerful hair dryer please', follwed by lots of umming and ahhing. As I have such long hair now I can't be dealing with a hairdryer that takes forever to dry, also I start work at 7 and I'm so unwilling to get up any earlier then necessary.

I've purchased a philips hair dryer that had lots of buttons.....oooh buttons!
Its 2300 watts which seems to be the most powerful I can get there more powerful??? not sure.

So far it does the job well and I like the fact it has the option of a cold dry as when I dry my fringe I find that it gets a bit too hot!
So I will carry on with trying out and see if its worth it. It cost 180dhs which is about £30 which I thought wasnt too bad. Sometimes I really miss living in England and just being able to shop in places you know you can find all the things in one place. How I miss a big boots store! Its always the first place I go into when I m home

Anyway , any other hair dryers that I worth a look??

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