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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Travelling cosmetics and beauty things

So recently I have been on my travels again! Back to England for an evening before jetting off to Paris for four days, lucky I know! So when I travel back to England I usually take big sizes of the things that I need as I go back for 2 weeks or more at a time and I try to keep a stash of things that I need there so I don't have to end up humping all my stuff round the world.

So I knew that I needed some more Liz Earle cleanse and polish as my first bottle that I purchased at Christmas was coming to an end so I tried to be all organised and ordered more from her website knowing it would be awaiting my arrival and I could take new clean muslin clothes with me to paris, but what did I forget when repacking my case, yep my face wash! I hadn't realised till I was in France and I was pretty annoyed at myself especially as I had two bottles I could have chosen from , but I thought I'd let myself off as I had only had half an hour to repack after getting home from the flight before I had to get to bed ready for my train the next day. But still no face wash for 3 more days :( bad times people. My friend who I was travelling with seemed to only have had facewipes with her which I also had but more for removing mascara . I felt lost without my usual face potions that I use and I hate just using face wipes as I feel that they don't really clean my face properly and I get a build up after a few days. I also only took face wipes on my other trips that I have been on over the last year but have certainly realised that for me its just not sufficient enough and I really need to scrub down deep into those pores.

So I have decided to be a bit more organised with my packing and to defo think I have got to the age where I can just get by for a few days with just face wipes as my skin is just not coping as well and also I want my skin to look at its best.

At the moment I am using a face scrub in the morning.This is my current face wash but I'm not its number one fan. I much prefer St Ives face wash as I feel it is much grittier and I feel it cleans my pores more. Then I follow with moisturiser and I have used the same one for quite a while now as it has SPF in it.   Occasionally if I have bags under my eyes I use a roll on eye cream aswell. I have seen lush has some good face scrubs that I'd like to try.

In the evenings I use my cleanse and polish from Liz Earle, which I forgot in Paris :( oh no! I've recently seen that they have really good travel accessories from Liz Earle which I think I will be purchasing to save me the hassle of worrying about what I have forgotten.Normal/combinationFor £28.50 I think this is quite good value!
So I don't have too many face wash products but these are my essentials for cleaning my face and I usually have something to help wipe away and excess mascara too. But still lots of things to remember and I need to get better and thinking what I really need!
God I wish for the days when I could travel lightly but I feel that these days have passed and I have now got to carry more beauty items. Oh well! All worth it for nicer skin though.

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