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Friday, 17 February 2012

Eyebrow disaster :(

Like most women I like my eyebrows to be neat and more importantly MATCHING! I've been getting my eyebrows shaped for years and more importantly tinted. As a red head my eyebrows are naturally extremely fair and without make up my face looks empty! So tinting is usually great every time I go to the salon here and after a few bad experiences where my eyebrows haven't come out matching I decided to only get them shaped every other month, even longer as I found it so annoying and quite honestly horrifying to go through the experience of a bad beauty therapist destroying them. So yesterday I went off to the salon where I have been going for nearly two years, tinting was great and then the dreaded shape. In the USE threading is extremely popular. Basically they use some strange technique with cotton to tidy your brows. At the time they looked ok but after closer inspection she has completely butchered them! I like my brows slightly fuller , one looks like that and the other is a skinny mini. Oh the despair. Its such a horrible feelin as there isnt much I can do to hide this awfulness. Eyebrow pencil is something I always do but I am struggling to make them match again. I have only found one place where I have always left with matching brows and that it the Benefit beauty bar in my local town in England. Benefit has a beauty range as most of you know but also has many salons where they will now wax and tint eyebrows. Whenever I went thee they always looked great and I think its down to the fact that I am sitting up when they do it and they check between each wax strip that they still match. After this recent horror on my face I  have decided to give up on getting them down professionally here for a while and just wait till I go back to England to get them shaped every few months. I know the hair of course will grow back but its not a quick process, especially to get them to the right shape, again!! Why didn't I learn the last time :(

Someone once told me that you should treat your eyebrows as sisters and not twins, well mine don't even look related right now. Im sure most wouldn't massively notice but I do!!!

oh well. On with the pencil!

Have you had any salon disasters?

These are good eyebrows!

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