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Friday, 10 February 2012

Bobbi Brown Purchase

Today I built up enough confidence to go into Bobbi Brown ( I always find it a little daunting going into expensive shops, eventhough I am 27!).

I had seen lots of reviews of concealers from them so in I strolled and asked to have a look at their concealers when the assistant said I don't need it. Tsk look at my puffy eyes! She then informed me that I should try an eye brightener instead, and tomo I might have a look at some moisturisers for said puffing eyes, I find its usually from over tiredness. So instead I purchased the Tinted Eye Brightener in light bisque. It was pretty pricey so I will see what I think and whether its worth the pennies.

Tinted Eye BrightenerI shall have to try it out for a while as I'm not sure how great this can be for the money to be honest and its quite small too . I had something similar from benefit and it did last me a long time.

Have to say the shop was lovely and the bag is gorge!!!! All those little things matter to me esp when you spending so much, It cost more then it would have in the UK or USA which is a bugger. I was looking for make-up brushes too but they cost so much here for various reasons and think it might be better to purchase them while home in the UK to get more brush for my money. That is a downer of living in the UAE when things are more money then they deserve to be.

What have you recently bought?

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