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Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 2012 Wish list

I know that everyone has a secret wish list of things that they would like to have and buy, some more decadent then others and I decided that I would like to write my own. I'm quite fortunate as I do a little bit of extra work alongside my main job and I use this money to buy myself some nice things every month. Like so many of us my wages straight go to pay any bills, grocery shop and then weekly life so if any money is spare I send to my savings account...very boring and grown up I know. So this money is my treat money.

So far I've treated myself to the most gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs purse! Literally in love with this bad boy.

I LOVE IT! It did cost a pretty penny but hoping that it will obviously last for quite some time. I made the mistake though of putting it in a bag with a biro :( bad times all round that day! But it has eventually worn off.

The other item that I have bought was a lush pair of wedges from Dune..( not great pic I'm afraid and I can't find them on the website but wanted to share the beautifulness.

Have to say I am trying to get my moneys worth out of these! For the past 18 months I've had to be really tight with my money due to having a year where I wasn't that careful and ended up with lots of bills to pay :(

Anyway, moving on to happier times.
I've also tried to make the most of the opportunity that I have living in the middle east and travelling as much as possible. I've been to Sri Lanka, Bangkok and in November I went to Nepal for 5 days. I'm hoping to go away again in my next holidays but who knows.

So my wish list
1. A new watch, Im currently sporting a storm watch with broken glass (not a good look I know) So I have my eye on a Michael Kors watch :) website I know that these watches are very popular among bloggers and  
Youtubers alike.
Michael Kors Michael Kors Oversized Madison Chronograph Glitz Watch, White HornI'm really liking this one at the moment, I know its not to everyones taste but hey its nice to be different. Michael Kors Michael Kors Mid-Size Showstopper Chronograph Watch, Alabaster AcetateThis one is equally pretty ( there is a theme to my choices)

2. Benefit primer A slightly cheaper item on my wish list ( well thats why some are just a wish). I've seen lots of raves about this product from lots of bloggers.

3. Sigma brushes. No explanation needed for that

4. need a new mascara, so far ive repurchased Make-up forever smoky lash mascara, which now comes in 5different colours!!Smoky Lash

5. foundation. So far ive been using a tinted moisturiser from Benefit for the past 2 years due to the weather and the fact that nothing lasts great in 40degree heat! but I feel that sometimes I need a bit more coverage. This goes hand in hand with number 6 which is a new concealer.

7. a new notebook. I have a lovely pink spotty notebook for school but need a new one for the rest of my life! I love paperchase as they have such lovely stationary. daisy rose A6 notebook This one is quite cute and only £3!

Think thats it so far for my wish list, I'm sure it will get longer tho!

What's on your wishlist?


  1. Another life, but I guess that's too much to ask for so I'll settle for a Chanel handbag.

    / Avy

  2. Im sure we've all felt like wishing for a new life, but a Chanel handbag would defo cheer me up :) xx

  3. cute!!!


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