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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bioderma Purchase

Whilst wondering around one of the malls out here with a friend who was searching for some cream for post tattoo soreness I spotted a sign sporting Bioderma. I have seen a few reviews raving about how amazing the products are.So I picked up this make-up remover. 
So far....not sure. It was 68dhs for a 500ml bottle as it was half price. It has one of those push down applicator things on the top (hightech chat there!)

It does take make-up off well. I like using babywipes and then wash my face after to make sure everything has gone. Ive been using Liz Earle cleanse and polish since Christmas (which Im also undecided on). But I did want something for my mascara as panda look really doesnt suit me. So last night I tried it to take off my mascara, got up and didnt look like a panda but post shower....OMG Panda had reappeared. Im not sure if its because I hadnt taken it off properly but I think this will take time for me to judge, especially for the money. Was a big bottle mind and I know its quite expensive to try and get in the uk. I will jog on with this new product. I do like trying new bottles and especially after suggestions as its nice to try things that you might not have automatically tried.

Im also a MASSIVE fan of facial scrubs. I use one everyday and I find when I dont use it I really notice how my skin feels .......unclean! I liked St Ives and think I have repurchased this a few times, but recently I ran out and my local supermarket didnt have any so Im trying . So far Im not enjoying this as much. Its really running so when you squeeze the tube loads come out and also I dont find the beads are big enough to do the job so I think I might go back to the St Ives if I cant find another product to try. I find that the only problem with using scrubs so much is that they make my pores feel bigger and more visible.

Onwards with the hunt for perfect skin

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  1. I tried hundreds of makeup removers and yesterday I used Micellar Water instead and it worked wonders! Amazing stuff. You should try it. I got mine in my Joliebox from TAAJ, but there is many more available.

    I hope you can visit my blog sometimes dear



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