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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A new pet

On Saturday evening I get a rather random message from a friend informing me that they have something for me but not sure if I want it and look after it. Straight away my brain thinks, 'it's alive!'. Bugger me what the hell is it.
Long story short its a small white mouse which was unwanted and was heading for a gloomy ending. The mouse was brought to me in a pink gift bag with a crisp and a dairylea triangle for it to eat. Lessons on animal care are far and few between in the UAE.

Anyway, I have now adopted, and slightly fallen in love with , a small white mouse. First panic was 'it needs a home!' as it couldnt stay in a paper bag for much longer as it had already chewed its way out. So a plastic bucket made a make-shift home for the night with food , water and some bedding I rustled up. Now he is more than adequately housed in a house with a wheel and plenty of space for a small rodent. In England I had a gorgeous hamster named Graham who I absolutely adored but left him  with my Mum when I relocated as he was quite old, please don't think I abandoned him! He lasted about 2 and a half months after I left but was spoilt up to the day he died.

It feels nice to have a pet again as I was really missing having another living thing in the flat. Mouse still needs a proper name, I'm tempted to keep it at mouse but quite fancy Morris as a name.

I now have the issue though of finding someone who is willing to look after mouse while I travel and someone who won't feed it crisps!!

As I'm writing this he's just filled his tiny mouse tummy with yummy food and gone back to his snug bed, what a life eh!

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