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Friday, 17 February 2012

Soap and Glory goodies

In December I had treated myself to Snow fairy from Lush but sadly snow fairy has ran out! So I wanted to treat myself to some other lovely goodies so when I went into Boots and saw they had 3 for 2 on their Soap and Glory range I was so excited. Soap and glory isn't the cheapest but they have so much in them that it is well worth it. I treated myself to 3 lovely things and was dead pleased when obviously one of them was free!

As yet I haven't tried them but I am pretty excited for my shower this morning. Like I said they are big bottles too so defo worth the money. Another thing I am trying to do is use up things that I already have. I've seen this on a few blogs and I actually find it quite reassuring and exciting when I have used something up as it means I can go try something else! I've got really good at not buying things I don't need now as I just can't afford it really so its always a positive thing in my house when things are used up. As yet there's nothing overly exciting that I have finished so I'm waiting a bit longer.

Ma Salama

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