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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Everything Pink

I am a massive fan of everything PINK! Even now sitting next to me is a bright pink notebook with white spots that I use for work and my Blackberry cover at the moment is even a bright pink. I don't personally like wearing pink as I feel it doesn't go with my red hair, although, I say that, in Confessions of a Shopaholic Rebecca wears pink quite a lot!

My hairdryer and curling irons are pink as well. What made me think of writing this blog was my new pink Cath Kidston shopper which I used for work on Thursday as I had loads to carry with me. Its so pretty and girlie and just makes me feel happier when I'm using it. I couldn't find the exact pic of my bag as its actually a copy that a purchased from an area in Dubai that sells all copies ( if you ever visit here you must go there). So this is the closest I could find 
Mine has more of a pale pink background but similar enough!

When I'm having to carry lots or bring work home with me its always nicer and cheers me up more when I'm carrying it in a nice bag . (Maybe thats just me)

When I was about 16 my cousin who is 14years older than me had her Aura read and her future. At the time my cousin was going through a bad part of her life and the woman said that her aura was very orange and needed more pink to equal it out and make her happier in her life. My cousin was not a fan of pink at all but thought it would be worth a shot. After that day pink has totally engulfed her life and definitely made a difference to how she was feeling. And I've just spotted that I even have pink stripy bed socks on as my feet were getting cold. For me it does make me feel happier and just more content. I know lots of people would disagree that a colour can help change how your feeling, but I appreciate that not everyone is going to agree with me.

Hope that whatever your favourite colour is or whatever you use to cheer yourself up with that your happy and content with it.

Ma salama from the UAE

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