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Monday, 23 January 2012

Perfumes I'm loving!

Before Christmas on a gift giving day at work I got loads of perfume, 9 bottles to be exact! Some of them I took home with me at Christmas to give to my Mum as there was no way I was going to get through that many bottles!
Some of them I didn't know the brands particularly well but was really surprised by some favourites. One of which is Always Shine by Entity.
Its got a lovely sweet smell and I spray it every time I walk past my dressing table. The smell doesn't last long which is bit of a bummer but I'm quite happy to keep reapplying :) I have different perfumes that I use for work and the evenings, especially as some of the more designer scents can rock up to £60!!! But this perfume has been swaying between work and evening.

Another little perfume that I was given the year before was Flowerparty by Yves Rocher, another brand that I wasn't familiar with but again really like! I have the small bottle so it is perfect for handbags. This one I do use for work but think I would happily use this in the evenings aswell.Another very floral perfume and the scent lasts a bit longer on this one.

I do also have some more of the higher end perfumes including an YSL that was I am now onto my second bottle which was also kindly a gift ( maybe I should start to worry about all these perfumes....maybe people are hinting.....jokes!) I love perfumes as gifts as it is quite often the item that we prefer to have as gifts especially if you have a partner with a sensitive nose to some smells. And I'm also slowly working my way through quite a large bottle of Hugo Boss (can't remember the name of that one.) I do find it quite rewarding when you have got to the bottom of a bottle of perfume and I like moving onto a new perfume. Very rarely do I go back to the same bottle again.
I do remember Sarah Jessica Parkers perfumes always being nice and thinking to myself that I should repurchase a bottle but there are just too many to choose from!
Hope that you all have lots of lovely bottles of perfumes adorning your dressing tables.

Ma Salama


  1. These perfumes sound really lovely, I'll have to keep an eye out and have a sniff! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  2. thanks chick! work in check your blog out too xx


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