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Sunday, 8 January 2012

LUSH !!!

Today after work I thought I'd treat myself to a visit to lush. Now over here in the U.A.E Lush costs double and a bit more than it did in the UK :( sad times. I treated myself to 3bath bombs which cost 85dhs altogether , which at the current exchange rate works out at over £14!!!! thats like £4.50 per bath bomb. Definitely an extravagance when you live on a budget. But hey, I felt like I deserved to have these little treasures hidden away for when I was having a bad day and needed some loveliness in my life.

I treated myself to a dragon egg Dragon's Egg

and a space girl Space Girl

and a swirly little number that I can't seem to find a pic of. All of them smell lush ( hee hee) and I am thoroughly looking forward to breaking them out of their packages. It was after reading a Sprinkle of Glitters recent blog ( about how lovely Space girl is that I thought I would try it out. Normally in the UK space girl would cost a mere £1.45 ish price bracket which is a bit of a bargain for some indulgent bath time.

The dragon egg apparently has something inside so that when you put it in the bath all the loveliness will come out....on the gumph on the website it says that of hoard of treasures will be waiting when you open this den. Oh Er missus!!! sounds exciting stuff.

Last week after my hectic return I tried out the butterball bomb after FashionFilth Lexi said about how amazing it was, and it was pretty lovely. This is a sudden return to Lush after a long, long break, which Im not sure why ......Probably moved onto other treats.

I use to have lots of baths when I had my flat in England as it gave me lots of thinking time and i use to take my laptop in and carefully manoeuvre it so that I could multi-task., chatting to friends or just finding simply researching different things. Nothing better than chatting in the bath, although I find boys are not fans of glittery smelly things!!!! Hee hee

Anyway, this is a time when I feel I need to look after me and a simple pleasure of a smelly bath bomb is currently quite sufficient! oh that and candles!

So I will be away now to go have a lovely bath with one of my newly acquired bath bombs.

Ma Salama from the U.A,E


  1. I really love Lush products!
    How about follow each other?It would be great ;)

  2. Hey thanks for the comment. Your blog looks good! I am now a follower :) My lush products are currently making my bedroom smell lovely while awaiting their chance in the bath


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