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Friday, 27 January 2012


Yesterday at work I was sitting with my class when someone came in with this small little envelope and straight away a huge smile went across my face. For anyone who lives away from family and friends you'll know how lovely it is to receive something that makes you know someone is thinking of you. For Christmas I got my mum and Auntie a letter from Santa and I didnt admit that it was me who had arranged it till late Christmas day. They were so pleased with it and it had kept them entertained for ages. 

My Auntie wrote a thank you card for that and her Christmas gifts. I'm still quite old fashioned with sending thank you notes and trying to take a gift to a friends when visiting. Even today while walking around Dubai Mall, trying to not spend money, I found a few little things that I can send home to my mum and a friend to show that I am thinking of them. I also got a big enveloped from my mum but it just had boring white enveloped letters about car insurance and my bank! but post is post I guess. 

I hope that everyone receives something nice in the post this week

Ma salama again xxx

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  1. Brilliant post xx what a lovely blog xx maybe we can follow each other xx


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