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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Moroccan Bath

Yesterday I went for my first ever Moroccan bath! I had been checking out the voucher websites, Groupon and Cobone when I saw a voucher for a Moroccan Bath at a good price in a lush salon. I love these voucher sites as they always have brilliant offers and you can save the vouchers for when your a bit skint, thats me right now! (even having to start using a bit of money from my British account, always a sign of a tight month) So I had purchased this voucher and off I went yesterday. And I found myself at a Salon based in a Villa down in the posh part of Dubai which was completely pink inside!

 Loved the salon straight away and will defo be going back. I'd never had a moroccan bath before but my moroccan boy had always sang loudly about how amazing they were. First thing I had to do was put on a very embarassingly small pair of disposable knickers, which were fine at the front but hid nothing at the back and a disposable bikini top. Later I found that there was really no need for these as the therapist soon whipped them off!

Next thing was to have a shower and clean off any deodrant etc. Then I was a little surprised to see the therapist in her bikini standing in the room ( Im sure this is normal for this treatment but surprised I was nonetheless!)
Next she rubbed me with Moroccan soap and left me to steam for a while. This is the type of room I was in with loads of steam.
Once I had steamed clean for a while next thing was to have a shower, so off I went down the steps and she washed me clean. Oh she did put a treatment in my hair aswell which has made it silky soft. Your in your own room the whole time that has the steam part and the shower, I was really quite impressed by the whole thing and the cleanliness. Once I had the soap washed off next thing was the scrubbing. I had to lay down and basically she scrubbed every part of my body! and I mean every where and the amount of skin that came off was quite a surprise. This is definitely not for someone who doesn't like being touched as they move you around alot and like I said by this point I did wonder what the point was of the disposable underwear as she had moved most of it by now. To be fair I kept thinking to myself how she must do this all the time and see more wobbly bits then  my own. She was slightly fascinated by my tattoos tho!
After copious amounts of exfoliating I was done and I am so pleased with the result. My skin is super soft!! I will definitely be returning to the salon and will definitely be getting another one of these.

I have another voucher for a spa in a hotel which includes a massage, Moroccan bath and oil treatment....think it may even have a few extras added on so I will be looking forward to trying all that out next month.

Hope your all treating yourself this weekend :)

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